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Was Jesus a pot smoker ?


Our researchers have been looking at the banned Gospel of Jude.

About two thirds of the population are unaware,  that the books

in the bible were selected by Roman Emporer Constantine, in the

fourth century.  About twenty books were rejected.


Other researchers as far back in the 1960s and 1970s have pointed

out the controversial bits, in the banned Gospel of Jude.  One bit

reads -  Jesus and the disciples sat in a cirlce, and partook

of the kahna bose.  


Another bit reads -  A strange mist came among them, and they

entered the realm of the kahna bose.  If you switch just one letter,

you get kanna bose.  You do not need to be the worlds greatest

cross word puzzle solver, to know that kanna bose is more than

likelyly canna bis.  


Archeologists have dsicovered traces of drugs, at several ancient

biblical sites.  


So it seems highly likely that Jesus and his disciples were pot

smokers.  So Jesus wasn't far removed from a long haired,

sandal wearing,  peace loving hippy, of late 1960s flower power.

Jesus has always struck some people as being a bit chilled out,

and a bit mellow.  


When you consider the kind of man Jesus was, it kind of makes

a lot of sense doesn't it ?   Why didn't it dawn on us ?  

Well that's hindsight for you.  Wouldn't you love to go back in time,

and see the faces on those 1960s English chucrch goers ?

Or even the modern Americans in the bible belt.  Jesus would

have been busted by the police for drugs.  


It is a liejly fact.  Doubters have a mountain to climb, and come up with

an alternative meaning of the words kahn bose, and they have to

explain away the acheological evidence.  Just face it folks, Jesus was

a pot smoker.  Some rock stars, the more substnaces they smoked,

the more Jesus like they seemed.  Bit too obvious isn't it.  


Britain copies finances of the dome city


In folklore, in the futuristic dome cities, robotis do most of the

the work.  If a Labour or Conservative MP went in, and started

talking about lowering unemployment, he or she would be

lynched.  They like their 3d copiers, and they like not having to

strain themselves, to live in five star luxury.


One of the biggest thing that puzzles the aliens about Earth is,

how can there be actually less oil in the ground, and the price of

oil goes down.  This is beyond their comprehension.  In the dome

cities you calculate how many goods there are, and then print

money, or create credit from thin air, and divident it out



They heard about the covid virus, and they heard the British

chancellor was spending like a dome city dweller.  People did

wonder if an asteroid was heading to Earth, and they had all the

resources, would they choose to smash the asteroid, or strict to

the holy scriptures of capitalism, even if it meant the end of



They are astounded when you tell them the British chancellor thinks

he has to pay it all back.  They say capitalism, and money, and what the

banks do, is a con trick, largley an illusion.  They are stsaggered that

you haven't figured it out yet.  They say but for the self imposed rules,

and they are self imposed, you would have put men, and women

on Mars two decades ago.  


Cafuelarena and the covid virus, plus the founding of the Sea Masons                                                                                      

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