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Why did David Bowie, immitate an aquatic stranger ?


If you look around this website, you can learn all about the aquatic physical

savants, or APS.  So David mainly portrayed an alien twice, in his life.

Once in the film The man who fell to Earth, and once, of longer duration

and on a bigger scale, as Ziggy Stardust.


As Ziggy, he just happens to have one green or blue eye, in some photo’s

really quite pale skin, and certainly red hair.  In our folklore it is unkown

if the aquatic strangers are aliens, inter dimensionals, hidden natives, it

is far from certain what they are.  But Bowie could hardly have been

more accurate, short of having webbed hands and feet.  So just where

did he get his information from ?


















Photo's above.  Top left an aquatic physical savant. Bottom left Queen

Liz Tudor.  Three on the right, David Bowie.  



In 1972 1973 the Cafuelaerna was several decades away from existing.

Even the Sea Masons only formed in 1977, and they hold some secrets

about the APS.  So Bowie couldn’t possibly have got his info from

any mainstream sources.  


One has to at least speculate, that Bowie had some kind of contact with an

APS.  Our researchers found out that Davids natural hair colour was light

brown.  Not quite enough to be a red head.  It is thought he was not

born with two different eye colours, but had an eye injury at school, which

led to changed pigment in one eye.  He did not have webbed hands

or feet, and most crushingly disappointing of all, he did not have an

RH negative blood group.  He didn’t seen especially aqautic.  

Though he did have high musical ability, quite obviously, and sexual anomally,

both heavy APS characteristics. Queen Liz Tudor had sexual anomally.    Cafuelerna researchers have to conclude, that Bowie was himself not actually an APS, or alien or anything.  But it is just possible he had contact with at least one APS.


In researching for any aquatic connections, researchers came across one

awfully strange story.  David once had an indoor swimming pool.  

He is thought to have been a cocaine user at the time, so make of it what

you will.  But he was convinced his swimming pool was haunted.

He said he saw the devil in his swimming pool.  He got a white witch

to exorcise the pool, and a devil like creature was said to appear, with two

other witnessess, one being girl friend Angela Bowie.  


Any APS, or any of the aquatic strangers we have heard of, could never be mistaken for the devil.  The vast majority are female, pale skinned  red heads.

The strangers have scared the living day lights of people near the beaches

of Cornwall, but they have never described them as the devil.  

If David had seen a pale skinned red head in his swimming pool, they might

not have been a million miles from Ziggy, and surely David would have

viewed them as friendly ?  


Hundreds of members of the conventional human race, who have mild APS,

have met the aquatic strangers, the notorious beach befrienders.  

Mild APS humans, have had far fewer, though still plenty of encounters

with the aquatic strangers at public swimming pools.  But they did  NOT appear from thin air.  Apart from haiving webbed hands and feet, and looking

extremely pale, and red headed, they did not alarm any of the human swimmers in the least,  They certainly didn’t look like devils.  In the teenage

years, many with mild APS can have vivid strange dreams.  


Bowie was born in Brixton in 1947.  No aristocracy.  This makes

things difficult to research because there are no documents, and

nothing from the secret societies, and the witch craft groups.  There

is ten times more evidence that Queen Liz Tudor might have been APS,

than Bowie.  There is even more information about King Arthur,

Jesus, and Mary Magdalene, and French King Merovee, having strong

APS connections.  Researching Bowie can be easy because he lived

in such modern times, but difficult because he appears not to be

connected to any secret society, hidden society, or anything artistocratic.


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