Newspage Four

The Cafuelarena boats


The Cafuelarena curently has five boats.  The Socrates Two, The Karl Popper, The Will Hutton, The Elizabeth David, and the Shirley Williams.  Socrates was the favourite philosopher of our former President Honor Hammond.  Popper is one of the greatest modern philosophers.  Will Hutton is the British author of The state we’re in, a Cafuelarrena political bible.  Goddess Elizabeth David is of the French cookery books fame.  Shirley Williams is one of Honors fave political people.  


We used to be pro European, but were always anti immigration, so we switched sides. We also found out, the Euro nutters despise the very idea of nationhood, and over time, wanted to phase out the British and French national flags, national anthems, and entire national identity.  So we had to sell two of our boats.  The Jaques Delores, and the Jean Monet.  And before that, we had sold our orginal flagship, The Socrates.


Shirley Williams still talks a lot of good sense on many issues, but she is pro European, and a pro mass immigration extremist.  This makes her out of favour with us, and so we are planning to sell our boat, named after her, and buy a new boat that might be named the Pat Condell.  Pat is much approved of by our new President, Louise Forrester.  Pat has a You Tube and Bit Chute channel, where he talks the most profound political common sense you have ever heard, and as a bonus, is bitingly amusing as well.  


We would contnue to have five boats for rthe time being.  Boat names on the reserve list, include the Mary Magdalene, The Elizabeth Tudor, and The David Hume.  Hume is the favourite philosopher of new Preisdent Louise.


New Cafuelarena President Louise, orders review of relations with science


It seems that the Cafuelarena and scientists agree with each other, on nearly every scientific issue, hundreds, possibly thousands of them, apart from a grand total of about six subjects.  


The aquatic strangers

The aquatic nature of historical figures

The unidentified submerisble objects, USOs, or UFOs

The aquatic ape theory

The aquatic physical savants

Vitamin C helping prevent colds and flu


Cafuelarena head office says it’s official position is, that some of the contested subjects, are classed as specualtion and folklore.  Folklore being different to myth or pure fantasy, but on the other hand far from science.  A kind of hazy grey area or mid way point, where nobody can be certain.  


Many of our sailors say when they take vitamin C, they get fewer colds, far less severe colds,, or hardly any colds at all.  The scientists dispute this.  But people can pay money and order vitamin C,  so until it becomes a crimminal offence, it is not something to get worked up about.  


Most scientists accept that aquatic physical savants exist.  But they are not listed in any medical dictionary under that term.  The term APS was invented by the Cafuelarena, and is only offcially accepted by us, the Sea Masons, and some official organizations and associations related to the aquatic physical savants themselves.  Scientists accept the reality of humans with webbed hands and feet, and a second aqautic eye lid, and other characteristics.


They accept trace APS, and mild APS.  Far fewer scientists seem to accept the idea of profound APS, and some of the more remarkable abilities, like the increidble length of time they can hold their breath, and ability to cope easily in extreme cold water.


One scientist said to us, The Cafuelarena and scientists are totally in harmony with each other, apart from the aquatic stuff.  Even with vitmain C, it is your sailors who are most passionate about it helping prevent colds.  You say that marmeiads, as in half human half fish like creatures don’t exist, and that the mermaid legend was based on two legged aqauatic physical savants with webbed hands and feet.  I am not sure how much I can agree with that, but I find the idea of two legged creatures much more realistic.


One of most secret societies in world,  Da Vinci code like Aqua Cath,

makes contact with Cafuelarena                               See newspage five > > >