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Da Vinci Code style secret society, finally makes contact  


Top secret society, probably one of the most secret societies on Earth, finally makes contact with the Cafuelarena.  The fairly new modern name for the very ancient secet society is Aqua-Cath.  It claims to have been near the very heart of the Catholic Church right from the early days.  The Cafuelarena and many others have long suspected such an organization existed.


They have left many finger prints.  They say that most Catholics are the aqua blind.  Unaware of the aquatic nature of Jesus, Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, and John the Baptise, and others.  The Cafuelarena has no idea who the others might be.  Apart from Moses, who Aqua-Cath also confirmed.  A tiny minority of Catholics are aqua defenders, and a tiny minority are aqua hundters.  AquaCath are defenders.


Jesus and Mary Magdalene were married.  It is thought the church hit upon the idea of unmarried priests and bishops, after considering how when a priest died, all the legacy and inheritance would go to the church instead of to a wife or down to families, sons and daughters.  Celibacy was a money swindle, a lucrative one, irrisistable.  The reality of a married Jesus is in actual fact completely harmless, and has virtually no side effects.  Quite the contrary, the idea is rather nice, and should be something to be celebrated after all these years.  There is nothing evil about marriage.


NASA and Americans take softer line on UFO issue


Link to one of the top thirty, best ever UFO videos


NASA and United States taking peculiar softer line of UFO cover up

When we used to post the notorius “we got him on L shaped” UFO story on You Tube, about the possible Buzz Aldrin UFO sighting, it used to be subject to a rapid take down notice, or was deleted sometimes within two minutes.  Last time we checked,  we were most surprised that one version of the Buzz Aldrin video was till up on You Tube.  Well this is well different from the old days.  We have a few other instances, involving us, and several others, where NASA or the U.S seems to have gone much softer.  


Not that many years ago, something like the disclosure project, the Americans would have come down on it like a ton of bricks.  Official secrts act, national security, we could ruin your sons career, you lose your pension rights, you name it they could threaten it.  Radio stations or tv stations losing their license.  The American Governement seems much less touchy, and quite a bit more relaxed, about UFO material getting into the public domain.  It does tie in with the theory that information about UFOs is being let out gradually, and sensibly, rather than a big shock all at once.  Given that the Americans could be in the difficult position of knowing that UFOs or alien craft exist, but have no physical

evidence, apart from film footage, photographs, and radar tracking,,

what the Americans are doing seems to make good sense.



New Cafuelarena President assures everyone, she likes France as much as Honor


Lousie Forrester has said, I love France and the French people just as much as Honor.  


The Cafuelarena is  quite firmly an Anglo French fashion cult, dedicated to French cafe society.  Let me assure you, nothing has changed, and nothing will change under my leadership of the Cafuelarena.  In spite of Brexit, which the Cafuelarena does support, to curtial immigration and protect British culture, in spite of that, the Cafualerna has great affinity and affection and loyalty to France.  France maintains it’s full cousin status with us.