Cafuelarena New President  4

Many Cafuelarena can relax, she is pro French Cafe Society.  Though like Honor she is strongly supportive and has quite some interest in the seacraft and sailing side of the Cafuelarena.  The other most often asked questions about her, are what does she think of the folklore, the mermaids, and the APS.  Is she dedicated to Mary Magdalene like Honor ?  


Louise -  I am well aware of the Cafuelarena folklore.  Nothing will change from the head office line that it is to be regarded as FOLKLORE, and there is no real scientific proof of anything.  However, with the Cafuelarena deep love of the sea, and rivers, it is quite acceptable for Cafuelarena to be interested in the paranormal, especially relating to the sea.


I do not believe in mermaids, though I do believe in what the mermaid legend was prorbaly based on, the aquatic physical savants, humans with sometimes heavily webbed hands and feet.  Actually I now know for a fact that the APS exist.  I do not believe in UFOs.  I know Honor went to the south of France and cut her arm and spilt blood for Mary Magdalene.  I do


not any devotion to Mary Magdalene, and I am not at all convinced Mary was APS.  I am a fan of Liz Tudor, but just think she was a great queen, I am far from convinced she was APS.

I hope people wont be too disappointed that I am quite sceptical about anything paranormal.  But lots of Cafuelarna are interested in it, and this is fine.


Sandra Beach has been to head office and met Lousise.  Later that day she went to see Douglas at personnel.  She said to Douglas blindingly obvious choice wasn’t she.

You knew all along didn’t you, why did waste peoples time ?

Douglas said, you know one of our secrets is, don’t just watch the candidate, watch peoples reactions to the candidate, and to situations.  We had to put you in a simulation run just to be sure.  Snadra - Sometimes Douglass, I think you are too much of a genius for your own bloody good.

Douglass -  Sandra, please keep being the regional captain of Southport.  For the foreeable future you are irreplaceable.




Douglas Corbett finds the Cafuelarena a new president.  The man who can replace the irreplaceable.


No job interviews.  No Psychometric tests.  No computer algorithms

How do he and his team do it ?  Tinker tailer soldier spy, patient watching, patient observation, slotting in all the jig saw pieces, spy craft.  Spotting a legend in a small pond, and parachuting in some awesome talent that nobody has ever heard of.  Steal talent from right under an employers nose.  


As Louise Forrester becomes president of the Cafuelarena, an instant pay rise of tens of thousands of pounds.


As word gets out about the recruiting of new President Louise Forester, Cafuelarena Personnel waiting list doubles to twenty months.


At six foot, Honor was tall for a woman.  At five feet eight, and only twenty two years old, some people are worried for, and feel protective towards Louise, but those in the know say she more than capable.  People forget how young Honor must have seemed when she became President, she was only nineteen, though the Cafuelarena was much smaller in those early days.


Golden boy riding high, head of Cafuelaren Personnel Douglas Corbett.

Douglas says if we could pull off a Louise again and again, we could actually build something called a super team.  It’s called synergy, a team of people vastly greater than the sum of it’s parts.  The Beatles were probably a  super team.  It’s the hydrogen bomb of personnel.

We are not actually planning to assemble one just yet.  But it is a tantalising idea.  

We might not be inclined to build one for the Cafuelarena itself.  Good as the Cafuelarena is, and much as people love it, we don’t think it would be an ultimate wise spend for humanity.


Louise to go through rainbow programme

In response to bad news, or shocking news, humans generally go through a range of emotions.  Disbelief, upset, greif, depression, despair, confusion, rage.  Sometimes responses are close together, others go in stages or phases, as part of a sequence or process.  Phases like the colours of the rainbow, hence the name rainbow programme.  You know what's coming next, but coping is easier said than done.  Many leading members of the Cafuelarena have gone through the rainbow programme, but it is unusual to put under 25s through it, and new President Louise is 22.  She has passed two psychological tests already, and it is thought that she may be allowed to go through it.  


Louise could be told about the ufo material

New Cafuelarena President Louise could be told about the so called UFO material, not normally told to anyone under 25, not anyone who hasn't undergone the rainbow programme.  Though Louise was somewhat bemused when told of this as she is a fairly hard line UFO sceptic.  


Louise has first meeting with head of Caf Security, and also the Cafuelarena intelligence wing The Shadow More.  She said I didn't think about hate mail, death threats, and body gaurds before acceting the job.    


Nena Hammond may get to visit head office more.

Nena, sister of former President Honor Hammond might get to head office more often, and even attend some board meetings.  The two sisters do not get on, have not been on pseaking terms for years, and wont be in the same room together.