Cafuelarena New President  3


When Honor quit, Wendy had always had lightish brown shoulder length hair, not a Cafuelarena haircut, a 1930s bob.  Before going to see personnel, she went and got the haircut, and was looking more like a Cafuelarena president.  Personnel said, well this could be your big moment Wendy, any sign of a panic attack ?  

Wendy said no, not a panic attack, but there is something else.  I’ve got this oddest feeling, I am not meant to be the president, certainly this time around.  I am not a psychic, I have never been anything like that, call it womans intuition, but I get the strangest feeling someone else is meant to be president.  I mean I will do it if you think I  should.  I am not yes or no, I am saying yes but.



The only other possible was Harvey Cassman, head of seacraft.  But in the Cafuelarena French Cafe Society and philosophy outranks the sailing.  The fear is that Harvey too keen on the sailing side, would send out the wrong message.  Harvey has long accepted this, he says he would hate the very idea of having to cut back on seacraft and sailing, giving up what he loves.  He has no ambition to be president, and says for him, being head of seacraft is better than being the president.  


Grant and Honor were in the office with the head of personnel, Douglass Corbett.  Douglas is the chap who made personnel what it is.  In the early days, Douglass didn’t want his name know to anybody, even within the Cafuelarena.  He was the secret head of personnel.  For a few years, because of the incredible peple skills, and the insight into human psychology, everybody was convinced Douglas was a woman.  He had such empathy, and such an understanding of all kinds of people.  When people found out it was Douglass, a man, and that the team  consisted of several others, men and women, they said oh well they must be gay.  But no, Douglas in his time has been a one for the ladies, though he is happily settled with one lady at the moment.


Honor said so, we have to go with Wendy then.  Unless by any chance personnel have someone tucked away who you haven;t told us about.  Douglas said, ah hum, well funny you should mention that.  There is someone.  We’ve been watching her for three years.

You two have never met her, you probably wont have heard of her.  Here’s the file, this is her, Louise Forrester.  Honor said god Douglas you’ve kept this one quiet, talk about bolt out of the blue, parachuting someone in.  Douglas said,  Honor this is  how we do things, you know how we spy on hidden talent in the lower and middle streams and parachute people in.  They sink or swim, and believe me, this one is a swimmer.  


Honor I don’t want you to see her just yet.  I want you to talk about twenty people who know her.  See what they say about her, then go and meet her.  She’s a legend in a small pond.  You know it’s one of our tricks.  Look in a hundred ponds, draw a blank, look in the hundred and first, and bingo.  We transfare a legend from a small pond, into a big river, or an ocean.

Most legends can swim.  Remember how we parachuted Wendy in.  Speaking of which, during a meeting with Wendy I kept a poker face, and never breathed a word, just like I did with you and Grant.  But Wendy had some kind of premonition, she said she had some kind of feeling.  It’s as if she knew I was hiding something.


Honor said well I know a real psychic.  I don’t really belive all that baloney, but I’m going to Lancashire anyway.  


Sally Christie of Northern Hemisphere Witchcraft -  Honor why do you waste my time like this !  I don’t know what it’s to do with, I don’t know any details, but I can see a woman

who’s name begins with an L, she’s the one.  As if you didn’t already know.  Sceptics said, well considering few names begin with x, y, or z, Sally had a one in twenty three chance, and she couldn’t say if it was the first or second name that began with L, giving her even more scope.  However, the name did begin with L.  


On the 10th December 2019, Louese Forrester became the seond president of the Cafuelerana.  Though an inspired choice, she is not another Honor.  She is not as amusingly absent minded as Honor, she is not sometimes a bit scatter brained, she is organised.

She does not have the quirky sense of humour that honor has, we probably wont ever see her sticking her head of of the window and howling like a wolf, or taking her shoes off, and creeping up the steps, at head office avoiding all the squeaking steps, and jumping up on people giving them the shock of their life just for a laugh.


Friends who know her a little better do assure us that Louise certainly does have a sense of fun, from her serious side. The general opinion that amost everybody agrees with, is that Lousise is highly capable.  The other major desprciption of her is that she is cool, calm, and collected.


Honor had dark brown hair cut in a 1930s bob.  Many thought her hair was jet black, like a true ultimate Cafuelarena, but that was more of an impression from photographs.

Louise’s hair is also 1930s bob, but she has fair hair.  She is siad to be slim to average, Honor was tall and skinny.  Lousese says she has not had annorexia like Honor, and has had no serious mental illness.  


She is desribed as, if not instantly, fairly quickly likeable.  Honor is a true charismatic, many people both male and female could almost fall in love with her straight away, like Purdey in the New Avengers tv series of the 1970s, or like Lady Diana.  So Louise is not a charismatic, and not many people would be describing her as adorable like they did with Honor, but likeable and popular is plenty good enough.