Cafuelarena New President - 2

Tinker tailor is based on detailed watching and spying on people, considerable observation, meant in the nicest possible way and for mutual benefit, if the person being observed has talents others may not have noticed.  Caf personnel regards anybody who hires people on the basis of job interviews as morons.  


Personnel who Honor had been so generous to, where getting concerned about her.  Honor, we know you have had some conversion on the road to Damascus as regards the world of investing.  Would you like to change your role, you could spend two thirds of your time neing the President, and one third doing what you like as regards finance.  Honor went away saying I’ll think about it. but I have half a mind to quit being President, and do about half finance and half helping the Cafuelarena though not as president and not hovering behind or intimidating any new president.  


We don’t know how personnel felt about that news, but it sent shockwaves among the inner circle of the Cafuelarena.  Honor the charismatic, the adorable Honor.  How on Earth could they replace Honor ?  As word got around the switchboard, calls from fans who were in tears.  Honor said god I only might be stepping as president, MIGHT BE.  I haven’t been  in a road crash, I’m not on life support.  


People were saying what has happened to the old Honor.  She keeps going on about investing.

The ivestment in personnel seemed to be bringing the positive results that Honor had predicted.  But Honor was going around in a panic, she said oh god I forgot to include the criteria of if we were currently in a bear market.  A bull market can float all boats, even the ones with a hole in them.  Personnel is still incredibly strong, but if they are riding a bull market we need to seriously adjust the figures.


In December 2019 Honor announced she was resigning as President of the Cafuelarena.  

Ever more fans were hearbroken and in tears.  But then there was slight panic.  How on Earth do you replace someone like her.  Vice President Grant Myers had always said that being vice, certainly the way he played it was totally different to being president.  He had taken care of all the detail, most of the business side.  Honor served as the figure head, the hugely popular and adored charismatic leader.  


Honor never signed things off blindly, she would read everything, and ask quite a few questions.  She could say oh I am not sure about this bit and this bit, we need to talk about this and this.  We would hammer things out usually in less than hour.  Honor and I got to know how we each thought.


Grant had always made it clear he didn’t really want to be a President.  Honors sister Nena Hammond is head of chairty wing.  Nena and Honor have not been on speaking terms for years and years.  But because she was the sister, she has always been talked about as a future president.  Nena said I am not that keen.  We have made good progress, and I still think there is more progress to be made, I really want to stay and see things through.  Our old idea, the swear box chairty is still  doing well.  Me Me Them, one for me, another one for me, one for them, a sophisticated idea for chairty aimed at getting money from the wealthy, had been stagnant in the last year but is suddenly going much bigger agian.


Me Me Them had a section that targetted women who spend a fortune on shoes, and tried with some success to get them to buy slightly fewer shoes, and give more to charity.  The newest idea is targeting wealthy pet owners, who spend a fortune on their pets, and rather less on humans.  We basically guilt shame them, but we do it in a very delicate and indirect way.  Your people skills need to be top whack for this, and it requires a lot of training.


Regional captain of Cafuelarena Southport, Sandra Beach, somewhat famous for her name, Sandy Beach, her extrovert bubbly personality, she has been talked about as a future president, she is said to have some charisma and it is thought as a president she could garner some of the same popularity as Honor.  Sandra did talk to personnel.  Compared to normal people she could be said to be fairly clever.  It takes something to beocome a regional captain.  She was given some insight into what being a president entailed. She sat in Honors chair, and she said oh this isn’t how I thought it would be like, I am so far out of my comfort zone.  There are different kinds of intellect, different ways of being clever, and being president requires a different kind of intellect, a differnt way of being clever to what I can do.  


Wendy Jennings is the reserve president.  She was never allowed to travel on the same boat, train or plane as Honor.  If Honor died in an accident, Wendy was the one to step in.  Personnel had been tipped off that Wendy was a brilliant group captain, probably one of the best the Cafuelarena has ever had.  Personnel watched her over several months, and plucked her from obscurity and made her reserve president. Wendy’s style is quite diffeent from Honors, she is very matey, she wants to be everyones mate, not happy in a big room with lots of people like Honor, she huddles in corners with small groups, all a bit conpiritorial.


One time Wendy went to see personnel, and said look I know I was a good group captian, but I am not sure I am good enough to be reserve president.  I feel like a fraud, one day I am going to get found out, I think I ought to quit.  Personnel said don’t you thik half the people in the Cafuelarena think like that sometimes ?  Do you think we want some kind of big head


with an ego problem ?  You were a great group captain, it is just a matter of size, all you have to do is scale it up.  You are simply playing on a bigger football pitch that is the only difference.  Wendy got over it and became an effective reserve president.