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UFO incident round one           UFO incident round two 


                                                                              NASA can't intimidate everyone



In clip one the UFO incident takes place THREE DAYS into the mission.  In clip two, it takes place SIX HOURS into the mission.


Buzz Aldrin seems to be puzzled about the incident from July 1969,  right up to recent times, and during the entire length of time of the making of the documentary.


24 hours after the film goes to air, Buzz Aldrin seems to go from decades of being puxzzled, and does a dramatic 100% about turn, and is suddenly now 99% certain he knows what it was.  Has he been got at?


During the entire making of the documentary, and for months until it went to air, Aldrin never thinks to mention, oh by the way, that UFO thing was just a pannel.  A man intelligent enough to be picked for one of the biggest missions in the worlld, simply would not behave this way.


In clip one Buzz Aldrin describes the UFO as L shaped, and seems strangley puzzled by this.  Experts say that none of the pannels, or indeed any parts of the rocket, could possibly be described as L shaped. 


The actual film footage in clip one, is not from the Appollo 11 mission, but another later mission.   So where is the missing Appollo 11 footage?  Given that the crew were puzzled by an unusual object, are we expected to believe they didn't film it.


The supposed pannel was one of four.  Why was one pannel in view for some considerable time, and the other three suffering from chronic shyness?   Clip 1, Aldrin says object "KEPT PACE" alongside, for a while, until retired to sleep.


If the object was as sweet and innocent, and mundane as a mere pannel, why did NASA keep this incident top secret for several decades.  The silence is deafening as they say.  Not a peep from NASA on this, not a murmur.  They are acting as if this question has completely stumped them.  



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