Astronaut  Aldrin  UFO  2


















ABOVE.  So now you know what a picture of an L shaped UFO looks like. There is a protrusion bottom left, we understand what Buzz Aldrin means by kind of L shaped.  
















Mr. Buzz Aldrin is 99.9 per cent certain, that one of these four panels, explains away an L shaped UFO.


Experts say that no part of the Saturn Five rocket, could possibly be described as L shaped.  


What percentage of the American and British public, think that a white panel looks like an L shaped UFO, like Mr. Aldrin.


The panels are part of the stage three rocket.  If the stage three rocket is too far away to explain any ufo, then wouldn't the panels be too far away ?


An increasing number of photographic and visual experts, are saying the ufo looks internally lit, and not illuminated by the suns reflections, as NASA claims.


We still stand by everything, on our other web page about this incident.

panel crop 1 L shaped crop 1 white panel cropped 2